Sathya Sai Shiksha Sadan


The Sadan‘s dormitories are an integral part of the school. All children take part in various activities. Students are encouraged to keep a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Care is taken to maintain harmony, mutual confidence, courtesy, and modest dress habits. The use of radio, TV, and other electronic devices is permitted only at fixed times at specially designated areas.

There are separate living areas for boys and girls. Each child is provided with an individual bed space and shelf area to keep his/her clothes and other personal effects. All students should arrive at the school at the beginning of each academic year with school uniforms, books, and other articles of personal use. A list of all needed articles is available at the end of this prospectus (page 16).

Students are not allowed to keep valuables, eatables, medicines, and cash. Guardians should make sure that students comply with this rule.

The dormitory operates a hygienic kitchen. Children are served a balanced, nourishing, vegetarian diet, with generous provisions of milk and milk products. Guardians are urged to examine the menu (available at the school office) and to advise the school of their wards’ special dietary needs or restrictions, if any.

Food is served four times a day. Hot drinks (Milk/Horlicks) are served mornings and evenings. All students look upon food as a blessing and take it in that spirit.