Sathya Sai Shiksha Sadan


The Sadan’s academic year begins on Baishakh 1 (mid-April) and ends on the end of Chaitra (mid-April). There will be over 220 working days in an average school year.

The academic year comprises three terms. Each term is a complete academic unit with a required number of contact hours, courses, and examinations:

1st Term: Baishakh-Ashadh (mid-April–mid-July)
2nd Term: Shrawan-Ashwin (mid-July–mid-Oct)
3rd Term: Kartik-Chaitra (mid-Oct–mid-April)

The third term includes three long breaks, first two of about one month each: first for Dashain-Tihar (Oct-Nov), second for winter (Dec-Jan) and third for academic session break (Mar-Apr). Actual dates will be listed in the annual calendar.

The school calendar is published at the beginning of each academic year, and it provides detailed information about terms, holidays, home visits, payments, and other relevant matters.