Sathya Sai Shiksha Sadan


Education is an enlightening experience for children, but only when their teachers and parents (or guardians) cultivate a sense of loving concern and responsibility. Children are often caught between two different worlds: school and home. Parents need to realize that education is not confined to the classroom but that it continues when the child goes home on vacation. We therefore request parents to co-operate with us by

keeping in touch with the Principal through telephone/correspondence or occasional visits.

supervising assignments while their child is on home visits. In particular, parents need to provide written feedback on the space allocated for that purpose in the child’s diary.

avoiding giving or sending money or food directly to the child. Parents who wish to bring treats to all children of the school are welcome to do so after discussing this matter with the Principal.

refraining from taking their child out of the school for birthdays, household ceremonies, various rituals, or weekends.

avoiding visiting their child on unauthorized days. Parents and other authorized individuals may visit their wards on scheduled visiting days (please consult the school calendar). They must call on the Principal first before seeing their wards. Guests are not permitted to stay overnight on the school premises.

adhering to the school calendar strictly.